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JAS Law Change from 1st October 2022

From 1st October 2022, all JAS accredited Certification Bodies, including NCO, must provide and share certification information of certified operators with other certification bodies. This will be in cases where risks and/or concerns of organic integrity and certification compliance issues arise in relation to JAS certification and exporting to Japan under AUS-JAP equivalency arrangement based on Australia National Standard certification. Please note that this is already covered in NCO Operator Contract Section 22.3 ii.

Changes to Organic Alcohol Regulation in Japan from 1st October 2022

Japan is a regulated market for organic products and alcohol has been out of scope from JAS program certification so far. But, as of 1st October 2022, organic alcohol products will be regulated as organic JAS processed foods which requires JAS certification and JAS labelling, with a three year transition period applicable. More information here.

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USA National Organic Program – Technical Information

Change to USA NOP Rule regarding Dairy Products from June 6 2022

NASAA Certified Organic would like to notify Australian organic dairy farmers of a change to the NOP Rule “National Organic Program; Origin of Livestock” which includes an exception to the conversion time for NOP certified dairy cattle. The rule change, effective from June 6, 2022, specifies that organic milk and milk products must be from animals that have been under continuous organic management from the last third of gestation onward, with an exception for newly certified organic livestock operations. More information here.

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