NCO Certification fees

NCO Fees are transparent, competitive and fair, with a pricing structure that facilitates growing certification expectations and demands, and facilitates worldwide market access for NASAA-Certified products. We review our fees annually and continually strive to value add through our professional, accessible and personalised service delivery.

Profits are reinvested back into developing and supporting the organic industry and markets in Australia and overseas. We offer:

  • value-add based competitive pricing that is fair and accessible for all operations with low entry cost
  • One annual fee for small operators below a maximum turnover threshold
  • Inspection costs for producers included in annual fees (excludes remote location)
  • Capped levies (maximum $3,000 p/a)
  • Flexible payment arrangements during times of financial difficulty
  • Contingency provisions during hardship to enable ongoing certification
  • No hidden costs for operators
  • Access to unregulated international markets through our Standard Certification
  • Additional program certifications to access major regulated international markets through our accreditations and bilateral agreements to the relevant programs such as European Union (EU), US Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA NOP) and Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS), China and Korea
  • For small growers, our Domestic Only program provides a low cost option for people selling direct to their customers, or at farmers markets. This is not suitable if selling into processors or supermarkets.

Fees and levies vary depending on the type and size of operation.

A full fee schedule for Australian and International Operators (excluding operators located in China) please download NASAA Certified Organic Fee Schedule.

A full fee schedule for operators located in China please download NASAA Certified Organic Fee Schedule.