NASAA Label Style Guide

The internationally recognised NASAA Organic certification Label has been updated and modified to suit contemporary design and product needs while ensuring close recognition with the original ‘spring leaf’ label.

The fresh clean design provides greater flexibility in a range of applications and is proven user-friendly element for graphic designers.

Alongside the provision of the supporting style guide we will continue to provide personal one-on-one guidance in the use of the label to all of our NASAA Certified Organic operators.

Additionally we are very aware that changing labels can be daunting and expensive, so a two year transition period is provided from the date of release for existing operators.

This will allow you to plan your transition to the new packaging and labelling, to conform to the new style guide and make best use of the new ‘spring leaf’ NASAA Label.

From the date of release, newly certified operators will be required to use the new NASAA label.

We realise that in some cases the printing and production of packaging and promotional materials may occur on a cycle longer than 24 months.

We certainly do not want you to destroy materials in order to conform to the new rules so where justified, an extension may be negotiated.

We look forward to sharing the journey of organic certification with you into the future.

Download the NASAA Label Style Guide

Original spring leaf NASAA Organic label
Phasing out by early 2021

New look spring leaf NASAA Organic label 
Available from 2019