Once completing these forms, our recommended preference is for all operators to email them to

You do not need to print the document to complete. Digital documents and electronic signatures pasted where required are acceptable.

Forms filled in manually, as well as faxed forms and scanned images will add considerably to your time in finalising documentation and records, and require multiple handling and duplication.

Please remember to send in any supporting documentation when you submit your paperwork.

Application forms

Please find below the links to our Initial Application Forms for Producers and Processors. Application forms for specific programs will be sent to you by the office once the Initial Application has been processed, to ensure the correct forms to meet your requirements are provided. If you are an existing operator wishing to add another program to your certification, please contact the office and the relevant form will be provided.

Producer Application Form
Doc, 513 KB

Processor/Handler Application Form
Doc, 511 KB

Additional Acreage Application Form

Doc, 53 KB

Extension of Scope Application Form

Doc, 537 KB

EU Livestock Product Application Form

Doc, 462 KB

Organic Management Plan Templates

Wild Harvest Addendum OMP

Doc, 451 KB

Producer Comprehensive OMP

Doc, 471 KB

Processor Comprehensive OMP

Doc, 478 KB

Nursery Addendum OMP

Doc, 455 KB

Input Manufacturing Comprehensive

Doc, 478 KB

Health Beauty Addendum OMP

Doc, 449 KB

Handler Comprehensive OMP

Doc, 472 KB

Grower Group ICS OMP

Doc, 524 KB


Biodynamic Addendum OMP

Doc, 449 KB

Aquaculture Addendum OMP

Doc, 44 KB

Apiary Addendum OMP

Doc, 458 KB

Developing a Producer OMP & OHP

PDF, 448 KB

Derogation Forms

Management Derogation Request Form

Doc, 468 KB

Input Derogation Request Form

Doc, 471 KB

Withdrawal Forms

Withdrawal from Certification Form

Doc, 444 KB

Record Keeping Templates

Wool Cartage Template

Doc, 1318 KB

Wine Cartage Template

Doc, 1318 KB

Stock Treatment Record

Doc, 36 KB

Stock ID Record

Doc, 36 KB

Stock Wool Sales Transactions Record

Doc, 41 KB

Milk Cartage Template

Doc, 1318 KB

Livestock Cartage Template

Doc, 1318 KB

Grain Cartage Template

Doc, 468 KB

Brought In Feed Record

Doc, 41 KB

Clean Down Record

Doc, 38 KB

Grower Group Database

Spreadsheet, 13 KB

Setting Up an Internal Control System

PDF, 590 KB

Hive Site Summary

Spreadsheet, 940 KB

Formulation Sheet Templates

Generic Product Formulation Sheet 

Spreadsheet, 183 KB

Infant Formula Formulation Sheet

Spreadsheet, 182 KB

Inputs Formulation Sheet

Spreadsheet, 178 KB

Soap & Cosmetics Formulation Sheet

Spreadsheet, 181 KB

Wine Formulation Sheet 

Spreadsheet, 182 KB

Work Instructions

Please find below the links to work instructions to assist in filling out some of the forms

How to Complete Application Forms

PDF, 422 KB

How to Complete Derogation Forms

PDF, 425 KB

How to Complete OMP & OHP

PDF, 425 KB

How to Complete Templates

PDF, 420 KB

Please contact (+61) 08 7231 7700 if you have any questions on submitting any of the above forms