An outline of Australian organic export document requirements

Required export documentation varies substantially depending on whether the goods are produced in or outside Australia. There are also different export conditions depending on the destination country as documented under export requirements.

Including USA, Canada, Japan, China, Korea and the European Union, products that carry the NASAA spring leaf label enable organic producers and exporters to expand their organic business well past the domestic market.

An original DoA export certificate is required for all organic exports out of Australia, irrespective of whether the importing country requires an ‘organic export certificate’ or not. There are several types of certificates that can be obtained from NCO for entry to EU countries, entry to Switzerland, and entry to other non-EU countries.

Certificates must be filled out by the exporter and returned to NCO for authorisation prior to the shipment date of the produce.

As an accredited/approved certifying organisation, an NCO-issued Export Certificate provides the correct assurance to authorities of importing countries that the product has been produced in accordance with the requirements of export legislation and/or any importing country conditions.

Export documents are legal documents with allocated registered reference numbers.

An exporter must obtain an export reference number before submitting the completed export documentation to NCO for clearance.

The export reference number for all export programs other than for exports into the European Union is created electronically via the links shown below. For information about the creation process, please review the Export Reference Number Generation from NCO Website document.

Organic Goods Certificate (OGC) number allocation

If you are an NCO registered exporter, click here to obtain an OGC number for export under the Australian Government Organic export program (you will need your ExportID to log in).

If you wish to be registered and be given an ExportID, please contact the NCO Office.

Transaction Certificate (TC) number allocation

If you have registered with NCO as an International Exporter and require a TC number for export, then please select this link which will require you to login with your ExportID.

European Export

If you are exporting (National and International) to the European Union, please contact the NCO Office for further information.