Gaining organic certification to export organic produce to Japan

NASAA Certified Organic provides the vital link and access to exporting certified organic produce to Japan.

NASAA Certified Organic is accredited by Japan MAFF for JAS certification. For export to Japan using the JAS Organic label, you must be certified under the Japanese Organic Standard.

This includes organic certification for importing plant and animal products, manufactured foods, and animal feeds products to Japan.

NASAA Certified Organic is one of only 12 certifiers globally to be accredited to Certify operators to the JAS requirements.To access the regulated Japanese organic market you should contact NCO to discuss what you need to do and how NCO can support your export program.

NCO provides organic operators with the ability to access the regulated Japanese organic food market. This includes complying and completing requirements and Export Certificates to exit from Australia and enter Japan.

To find out more, you can also visit the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) which regulates the organic industry in Japan through the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) system.

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