The State Government has lifted the GM Crop Moratorium on mainland SA but nothing has been planted yet.

The new law also allowed local councils to apply to the Primary Industries Minister by September 30th 2020, to remain a GM-free Zone.

Each council must first decide whether to enter into the application process.

This is where we need you, your neighbours and other locals to come in.

Use the two linked documents below to encourage your council to:

• agree to enter the local GM-free Crop Zone process,
• consult your local community on its plans,
• assess the market and trade benefits of staying GM-free, and
• apply to government to be a GM-free Zone.

The “Briefing Councils” letter is for you to send to your councillors, to encourage them to back GM-free.

The “Proforma Letter to SA councils” is for you to share with other people in your area to send to council, saying they support the local GM-free Zone consultation.

Type in your own council’s name and details, and you are good to go.

Please ACT NOW and contact your local council