Gaining organic certification to export organic produce to the USA

To export Australian certified organic produce to the USA you must be certified by an approved/accredited organic Certifier such as NCO.

NCO has many Australian organic operators who are Certified to NASAA’s Organic Standard, which is the first step to enabling them to enter organic markets in the USA.

Organic certification in the USA is regulated through the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

NCO will verify that your production process meets USDA organic standards and help meet all the requirements of exporting from Australia (such as completing an Export Certificate) and gaining entry to the USA.

Requirements for exports to the USA

There are additional organic product requirements for export entry into US markets.

Exporters must meet additional accreditation requirements under the US National Organic Program (US NOP).

Accreditation through these programs can be undertaken as a separate exercise, or in addition to existing NCO licenses.

You should contact NCO directly to discuss what you need to do and how NCO can support your export program.

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