Gaining organic certification to export organic produce to Europe

NASAA Certified Organic provides the vital link and access to exporting Australian certified organic produce to Europe.

The European organic market is regulated by EU legislation on organic farming. Individual countries support this with additional legislation

NCO provides organic operators with the ability to access the regulated European organic food market.

This includes complying with and completing Export Certificates to exit from Australia, and entry requirements to Europe.

The first step is to contact NCO directly to discuss what you need to do and how NCO can support your export program. NCO will help you complete the process to ensure you are certified to the EU Organic Standard.

EU requirements

Within the EU there are two recognised types of organic imports from third countries.

One involves the acceptance of the organic standard applied in an equivalent country; the other requires importers to be individually authorised for import.

The EU recognises Australia and five other countries (Argentina, Costa Rica, Israel, New Zealand and Switzerland) as equivalent, ensuring direct market access for all organic products exported from these countries.

Outside of these countries, however, exporters need to ensure the individual authorisation of importers of products.

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